The next generation of profit protection

Xelix's mission is to eradicate overpayments & protect the bottom line. It’s estimated that up to 0.3% of organisational spend is lost due to process errors and invoice fraud.

Xelix acts as the “eyes and ears” to finance - using machine learning & predictive analytics to surface disbursement threats in real time & stop problems before they happen.

Our Solutions

Loss Prevention

Protect your bottom line with the power of machine learning.

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Supplier Analytics

Gain real-time visibility & actionable insights over your supply chain.

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AP Audit

Surface & recover losses with a historic AP audit.

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Dynamic Discounting

Drive cost savings by paying your supplier invoices earlier for discounts.

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Xelix helps finance teams to protect their bottom line and boost productivity

Improve Profitability

Materially improve the bottom line by stemming the flow of losses from the business

Reduce Risk

Mitigate against blindspots in your AP and P2P process

Work Smarter

Automate manual tasks and benefit from deep and actionable analytics

Improve Working Capital

Identify opportunities to improve working capital from across the supply chain

Compatible with all ERP Systems

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