Effortless dynamic
invoice discounting....

Savings for buyers.
Cash flow for suppliers.


Benefits for Buyers

Increase gross profit & EBITDA

Achieve significant, risk-free returns on cash

Improve the health of your supply chain

Hit CSR targets

Benefits for Suppliers

Immediate cash flow at competitive rates

No complicated contracts or 3rd party hassle

No additional debt on the balance sheet

Totally optional & flexible capital


“Xelix helped us to achieve significant returns on our spare cash, whilst keeping our suppliers happy. A great piece of technology; hassle free & easy to use.”


Why Xelix?

Xelix effortlessly manages the process of early settlement discount across the whole supply chain. Buyers simply upload approved invoices and our intuituve platform does not rest.



No Complicated Systems Integration

Xelix can work as a standalone platform and can be up and running in a matter of days.

No Change to Existing Payment

We don’t force you to adopt new systems or complicated processes.

Use In-line With Seasonality & Cash Flow

Offer early payment only when you have the available funds.

Pain Free For Suppliers

Intuitive, email based offer process means no supplier onboarding required.

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