The Problem

Duplicate invoice payments can cost businesses tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds every year. The extent of these losses is rarely known as many duplicate invoices are not surfaced by finance systems. Our solution provides real-time and intelligent alerts to potential duplicate invoices, meaning you’ll never make double payments to begin with.


Advanced and Intelligent Alerts

While most major ERP systems have rudimentary checks, they are often insufficient as they can’t detect common miskeying and misreading errors. Invoicely’s advanced algorithms spot even the most discreet duplicates hiding in your ledger(s).


Real-time Updates

Monthly and annual audits may uncover some double payments, but they then present the challenge of recovering losses. Invoicely’s real-time updates allow you to fix the issue in the moment, rather than after the payment has been made.


Strategic Insights

Spotting a duplicate is one thing, but preventing it from happening again is another. Invoicely provides analytics on all duplicate invoices, giving you the insights and guidance to prevent similar issues in the future.


Quick and Easy Setup

Invoicely can be up-and-running in a matter of days. This is because we don’t integrate with your ERP system, but simply require a data feed from your purchase ledger.

Compatible with all major ERP systems

microsoft sage sap oracle

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