Loss prevention

For every $100m spent, it is estimated
that $300k is lost due to invoices paid in error.

Basic ERP controls & retrospective audits fail to address the overpayment challenge.

ERP systems are simply not up to task to prevent these losses & will miss all but the most basic of error types. Retrospective audits are time consuming and by their nature, too late.

Our solution tackles the problem at source.

Our platform alerts your finance teams in real-time, so threats can be surfaced and prevented before they happen. This removes the need for painstaking retrospective audits entirely.


Prevent Disbursement Losses

Including duplicate payments, overpayments, missed credits & pricing errors.

Empower Your AP Team

With forensic analytics & root cause analysis.

Protect Your Company

From fraudulent invoice activity.

Work Smarter

Remove the need for time-consuming retrospective audits & supplier recovery

Working Smarter

Using the power of machine learning, our sophisticated AI platform forensically interrogates your invoice data to catch every possible error and anomaly – including tricky OCR substitutions.

The Xelix machine learning platform has been trained using global datasets of hundreds of millions of invoices. Threats are surfaced and prevented before they happen.

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