Who needs to report?

Effective from April 2017, companies who exceed 2 of the 3 criteria below must report on their supplier payment performance every 6 months.

  • £36m annual turnover
  • £18m gross assets
  • 250 employees

What needs to be reported?

Reporting is split into three categories:

  • Average number of days taken to make payments in the reporting period from receipt of invoice or other notice

  • % of payments which were made in 30 days or fewer / between 31 and 60 days / over 60 days

  • % of payments that were not paid within agreed terms

  • Standard payment terms
  • Any changes that have been made in the reporting period

  • The methods used to notify and consult suppliers around such changes

  • The process for resolving disputes related to payment

  • Is e-invoicing or supply chain finance offered?
  • Does the business deduct sums from payments as a charge for remaining on a supplier list?

  • Is the business a participant in any payment code?

How can we help?

Many ERP systems cannot surface the data required to comply with this new legislation. Workarounds, hacks and guesswork will result in inaccurate reporting and non-compliance, potentially leading to prosecution and hefty fines.

Xelix’s payment reporting tool is a simple, effective and very affordable solution to help organisations comply with this new legislation. It allows your team to generate the required reports in a matter of clicks and can be deployed in a matter of days.



What's more, we provide valuable analytics and insights on your spend and supply chain. To find out how Xelix can help your business get in touch below.



Other Features:

  • Multi entity reporting

  • Data capture across multiple purchase ledgers

  • Fully automated or manual upload solutions available

  • Compatible with all major ERP systems

microsoft sage sap oracle

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