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If you’re concerned that your ERP system cannot easily surface the required data, or worried about the resource required to consolidate these reports, then we can help.


Expert Support

Our experienced team will guide you through the complexities and nuances of the Payment Practices legislation, designing and implementing our compliance solution for your business.


Data Extraction

For many companies, extracting the required data across disparate finance systems is a major challenge. Xelix’s reporting tool aggregates and standardises your raw data on a daily basis, overcoming the issue of incomplete and disconnected data sets.



Producing the reports every six months is a complex and time-consuming exercise, especially for companies with high invoice volumes and multiple entities. Xelix’s automated solution removes this headache, allowing your team to get on with the day job.


See how your payment performance stacks up against your competitors using our Payment Reporting tool.

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A Business Intelligence Tool For Your
Supply Chain

Xelix’s Reporting Tool offers far more than just compliance. Our solution provides analytics to help guide your supplier payment strategy, optimise your working capital and meet business critial KPIs.



Track real-time procurement & payment performance data at entity or individual supplier level.

Set KPIs


Set payment performance KPIs and model the impact on your working capital.



Receive smart guidance on who and when to pay, to meet your payment strategy.



Benchmark and rank your payment performance against industry peers and competitors.

Data Integrity


Identify issues on your ledger, including missing data, incorrect due dates and duplicate invoices.

Compatible with all major ERP systems

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